Sportradar Will Power BetIndiana’s Mobile Sportsbook

The competition to be the fourth authorized mobile sportsbook in Indiana is heating up. However, due to a partnership between BetIndiana and Sportradar, the outcome may soon be determined.

The sportsbook operator of The Majestic Star will employ Sportradar’s technology for its mobile betting platform. This makes it one of the first in the United States to utilize Sportradar’s services in this manner.

Information on the partnership between BetIndiana and Sportradar

Spectacle Entertainment, operator of the Majestic Star casinos in Indiana, is partnered with BetIndiana as their sportsbook. BetIndiana is owned by the Illinois-based company, USA Sports Gaming LLC.

The properties of Majestic Star will soon relocate inland and rebrand themselves as the Hard Rock. The exact launch date of the sportsbook is still uncertain, but the aim is to have it ready by Super Bowl LIV.

No matter when it occurs, BetIndiana will function using Sportradar software. The collaboration provides BetIndiana with access to Sportradar’s data feed and its full range of sportsbook products, including integrity monitoring.

Deal between Sportradar and BetIndiana Offers Unique Opportunity

Both company executives are pleased with the deal.

“We are delighted to collaborate with BetIndiana, a genuine innovator in the US betting market,” stated Neale Deeley, Sportradar’s vice president of US sales and gaming, in a press release. “With its emphasis on mobile and online sports betting, we are ideally placed to supply BetIndiana with the data, resources and services required for its long-term success.”

“Collaborating with Sportradar, a firm making a dynamic entry into the US market, felt like the right match for us,” stated Frank Ignatius, the president and founder of USA Sports Gaming, in the same announcement. “Being a startup in a competitive environment, it’s vital for us to start strong with an intense emphasis on growth. Sportradar provides us with this opportunity, and we are excited to continue our journey with their support.”

Although BetIndiana may not be the first to launch, it will be distinctive. Rather than running both a physical and online sportsbook in Indiana, it will be a blend of the two.

The sportsbook will function completely online, yet within the Hard Rock, there will be an area designed to resemble a physical sportsbook. This space, however, will not feature betting kiosks or windows.

Why BetIndiana needs to accelerate their promotional efforts

Ignatius hinted that by utilizing Sportradar’s system, BetIndiana can concentrate on another crucial part of the business – marketing. There is, however, a significant amount of work to be done in this area.

BetIndiana won’t enter the market with the same degree of brand recognition as other sportsbook operators in the state, such as DraftKings and FanDuel.

As a result, employing Sportradar's turnkey solution was a logical choice. This allows BetIndiana to allocate its resources towards customer acquisition and marketing.

Considering the company needs to overcome not only a lack of brand recognition but also its market age, it will require significant effort. It will be intriguing to observe how much Spectacle will invest to bridge this gap.

We likely won’t start that marketing spree until an actual launch date is announced. Although we’re still unsure of when that will be, we do know that Sportradar will power the product.

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