How to Bet on NCAA Basketball in Indiana

With 354 teams that play as part of 32 different conferences, Division I college basketball is a massive enterprise. For sports bettors, that means endless opportunities day in and day out to find the best NCAAB odds and bets during the season.

Hoosiers have a special love for basketball. That's especially true for the college side of the sport.

A typical college basketball regular season runs from early November through early March. The NCAA Tournament, aka March Madness, then tips off mid-March and runs through the national championship on the first weekend of April.

All these events provide ample opportunity to place college basketball bets online in Indiana using either sportsbook apps or Las Vegas-style retail sportsbooks.

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Live College Basketball Odds

See below for real-time odds on the next NCAA basketball champion at Indiana online sportsbooks. Click on any odds to jump straight to any online sportsbook, register your account and claim your bonus bets/bonuses. Use the drop-down menu to see other NCAAB futures boards including to odds to make the Final Four. To see the full NCAA basketball odds board, check our full sports betting odds feed.

Can I bet on college basketball in Indiana?

Yes, you can bet in Indiana. The easiest way is by downloading an online betting app to place bets anywhere within the state’s borders. Apps include DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetRivers. In-person betting is allowed in casinos with sportsbooks that are also run by big names like DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars.

There are no restrictions on betting for Division I college basketball in Indiana. That stands in contrast to other states, like New Jersey, where fans are prohibited from betting on New Jersey teams.

When it comes to picking a betting app, there are several things to consider. You want to pick one that offers the sports you like betting on. Additionally, you'll want to pick a sports betting app that offer the best lines and a good welcome bonus. Really, though, picking an app or apps to bet on is a matter of personal preference. Three of the best include:

  • DraftKings: DraftKings Sportsbook app offers points spread, total points, and moneyline betting options. Other online options include alternate point spreads and alternate total points. Signing up for DraftKings will net you a sign-up bonus and bonus bets.
  • FanDuel: FanDuel sportsbook app provides point spread, total points, and moneyline betting options. Additional choices include parlays, teasers, and a variety of in-game options. Put together a five-part parlay and FanDuel will give you up to $25 back if you miss on a leg.
  • BetRivers: BetRivers sportsbook app offers Indiana bettors the mainstays of sports betting with live game betting and futures options. Take a look at popular live bet options or take a longer approach with season results.

How to bet on NCAAB in Indiana

When it comes to betting on college basketball, there are plenty of things to wager on besides just the outcome of the game. Here are some of the most popular types of college basketball bets:

  • Spread: The spread is a number that represents how many points the favorite is expected to win by over the underdog. For example, if the spread was Indiana Hoosiers -3, the Hoosiers would need to not only win, but win by at least three points for the bet to cash. On the other hand, let's say it was Purdue who was +3 against the Hoosiers. Even if Purdue loses, if they only lose by two points, the bet still wins.
  • Moneyline: If you don't want to worry about points or how much a team wins or loses by, you can always place a moneyline bet. These bets are on which team will outright win a sporting event.
  • Totals: Totals bets allow bettors to decide whether or not the two teams will combine for more points or fewer points than a given number. If a total was 123, you can bet the under, which means the two basketball teams will score a combined 122 or fewer points. Or, you can bet the over, which means the two teams will combine for more than 123 points.
  • Parlays: Link up multiple bets, where you can rack up the dollars by checking off multiple victories at once. It will give you more favorable odds that will increase your payout. However, you’ll need to win all the selections to get anything.
  • Props: Go beyond the final score and get creative. Props allow you to bet on events that happen within a game, like how many points a certain player will score.
  • Futures: Try to predict the season’s end with odds on future results like which team will cut the nets in April or in the conference championships.
  • Live betting: NCAA live betting, also called in-game betting, means you can make more decisions after the ball tips. Make bets based on the live results and changing perceptions and see how the odds change.

Popular college basketball teams to bet on

With NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana is arguably the heart of all college sports. Moreover, anyone who has seen Hoosiers knows that the state of Indiana has a longstanding tradition as a breeding ground for some of the best college basketball teams in history.

Between Indiana and surrounding states, the number of accomplished programs with fervent fan bases is pretty daunting:

  • Indiana University Hoosiers: Five NCAA titles, eight Final Fours, 39 appearances
  • Purdue University Boilermakers: Two Final Fours, 32 appearances
  • Butler University Bulldogs: Two Final Fours, 16 appearances
  • Notre Dame University Fighting Irish: One Final Four, 36 appearances
  • University of Kentucky Wildcats: Eight NCAA titles, 17 Final Fours, 59 appearances
  • University of Louisville Cardinals: Two NCAA titles, 8 Final Fours, 39 appearances
  • Dayton University Flyers: One Final Four, 18 appearances
  • University of Illinois Fighting Illini: Five Final Fours, 31 appearances
  • Cincinnati University Bearcats: Two NCAA titles, six Final Fours, 31 appearances
  • Xavier University Musketeers: 28 appearances
  • Michigan State University Spartans: Two NCAA titles, 9 Final Fours, 33 appearances
  • Ohio State University Buckeyes: One NCAA title, 10 Final Fours, 30 appearances

NCAA Basketball AP Top 25 poll

Get the latest rankings at AP's Top 25 Poll

NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball Tournament: March Madness

The NCAA Selection Committee will announce the 68-team March Madness field on Selection Sunday taking place on March 13. The bracket is broken down into four regions with 16 teams each. These regions are:

  • South
  • Midwest
  • East
  • West

The last eight teams selected will play in the First Four. The round acts as a play-in for the main bracket. Unlike past years, where these teams were playing for a 16 seed, the seeding for this is variable.

Head to our dedicated pages to find the best March Madness betting sites and the best March Madness bracket contests at IN sportsbooks.

March Madness dates for 2022

  • First Four: March 15-16 – Dayton, OH
  • First/Second Rounds: March 17 – 21 – First and second rounds: Buffalo, NY; Indianapolis, IN; Fort Worth, TX; Portland, OR; Greenville, SC; Milwaukee, WI; Pittsburgh, PA & San Diego, CA
  • Sweet 16: March 24-25 – San Antonio, TX; San Francisco, CA; Chicago, IL & Philadelphia, PA
  • Elite Eight: March 26-27 – TBA
  • Final Four & National Championship: April 2 & April 4 – New Orleans, LA

Start by doing research, then do more research, and finally, research before you make your bets. There is great value to be found outside of the major conferences, and especially when those teams play against the top teams in March. If you keep tabs on the mid-major conferences throughout the season, you’ll have familiarity with tomorrow’s dark horse today.

The NCAA tournament selection committee is comprised of select athletic directors and conference commissioners from around the country. They gather during the conference tournaments to evaluate and choose each team based on factors including strength of schedule, records, opportunities, and quality wins.

The committee finalizes its decisions following the conclusion of conference tournaments. The bracket is revealed on the Selection Sunday show.

NCAA basketball lines are set by individual sportsbooks and casinos. The line will be set with information gathered on both teams, with the goal of limiting the losses of the gambling provider. Large amounts of bets in one direction or the other can make the line larger or smaller.

While sportsbooks and casinos may look to Las Vegas lines for guidance, each sportsbook has its own regulations and responsibility for its losses. They’ll make independent decisions based on information available. The betting habits of people in different parts of the country will also play a role in influencing the lines in other locales. When fans of a local team choose to bet on their team in a region like Indiana, it could alter the odds in an Indiana book in a way that wouldn’t occur in Las Vegas.

Second-half NCAA basketball lines provide an opportunity to place a bet for the second half of the game. The odds may change from the pre-game line because of actual game action that occurred in the first half. Take a look at new probabilities and make a decision for the final 20 minutes of play.