NHL Betting at Indiana Online Sportsbooks

Although Indiana does not have its own NHL team, hockey remains a significant interest for many of the state’s dedicated fans. Many enthusiasts place bets on teams from nearby cities, such as the Chicago Blackhawks, Columbus Blue Jackets and St. Louis Blues.

Hockey fans are known for their passion for the sport and their support for their teams. For gamblers, the daily surprises and unpredictability of hockey matches bring special pleasure, which adds special excitement to the betting process.

Whether you prefer to bet on individual NHL games or explore the futures markets, both options are available at Indiana online bookies.

Before starting, it is important to familiarize yourself with certain features of hockey betting. On this page, we’ll help you figure out all the details. We also provide up-to-date NHL live lines and futures odds from Indiana bookies, explain the differences between puck line, money line and other types of bets.

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Daily NHL Odds at Indiana Online Sportsbooks

NHL games offer action nearly every night, making it an ideal sport for betting. Explore the latest moneylines, puck lines, and over/under odds for every NHL game through our real-time odds of Indiana online sportsbooks. Once you register a new account, you can click on any listed NHL odds to place your bets and take advantage of sign-up bonuses.

If you’re interested in betting on a team to win the Stanley Cup, check the second tab for the complete NHL futures board. This includes bets on the Stanley Cup, Conference championships, Division titles, and individual awards.

Best Available Blackhawks Odds

Discover the top NHL betting odds offered by Indiana online sportsbooks for the upcoming Blackhawks game below:

Best Available Blue Jackets Odds

Find the most favorable NHL betting odds for the upcoming Blue Jackets game below:

Best Available Blues Odds

Discover the top NHL betting odds offered for the upcoming Blues game below:

Comparing Odds Between Vegas NHL and Indiana Sportsbooks

For much of recent history, sports betting was traditionally exclusive to the Las Vegas market. However, in recent years, states across the country have started legalizing betting on sporting events.

In Las Vegas, odds for games are typically set using computer models and analytics. Sportsbooks trust these systems to establish lines that generate balanced action on both sides. Over the years, Las Vegas has demonstrated remarkable accuracy in predicting game outcomes.

Similarly, online sportsbooks in Indiana utilize comparable models to set their lines. This results in nearly identical lines to those in Las Vegas. Some sportsbooks may make slight adjustments based on liability and betting trends, but generally, the lines will be very similar between Indiana and Las Vegas.

How to Make Online NHL Bets in Indiana

Betting in Indiana is now legal, and participating in sports betting has never been easier. Whether you’re at home on your computer or on the go with your phone, the process is simple and fast.

First, explore the offers available on this page. There are fantastic promotions and sign-up bonuses waiting for you. Once you find one that suits you, click the link to claim your free cash. To redeem your bonus, you’ll need to create an account and provide the necessary details with secure, yet easy-to-remember information.

After setting up your account, it’s advisable to download the app on your phone. The app provides a seamless way to check odds and track your bets while on the move, allowing you to place bets from anywhere within state boundaries.

Once you’ve claimed your bonus, registered an account, and downloaded the app, simply add any funds you need into your account and you’re all set to start betting!

NHL Live Betting

One exciting way to engage in hockey betting is through live betting, where you place bets on games that are already in progress. The odds are adjusted in real-time based on the current game situation.

The easiest way to participate in live betting is through a mobile app. Earlier, we discussed how to set up and use an app on your smartphone. To use the app effectively, you must be physically located within the state of Indiana. While you can download the app from outside the state, you can only place bets when you’re physically present within Indiana’s borders.

On the other hand, you do not need to be a resident of Indiana to place bets as long as you are within state lines at the time of betting.

Understanding NHL Betting Lines: A Guide

Below, you’ll find an example of a typical betting line for an NHL game:

Team Moneyline Puckline Total
Chicago Blackhawks +125 +1.5 (-185) Over 5.5 (-110)
Columbus Blue Jackets -145 -1.5 (+165) Under 5.5 (-110)

Moneyline Betting in Hockey: This type of betting involves simply predicting which team will emerge victorious in a game, regardless of whether the win comes in regulation time, overtime, or a shootout. The odds are determined according to each team’s likelihood of winning. For instance, in the given example, betting $100 on the Blackhawks could earn you a profit of $125. However, to win $100 by betting on the Blue Jackets, a wager of $145 would be necessary.

Puckline: The puckline in hockey is analogous to spread betting in other sports. However, unlike in football or basketball, where the spreads can drastically differ based on the teams’ skills, the hockey puckline is consistently set at 1.5. This is due to the nature of hockey being a lower-scoring sport, causing more variability. Puckline betting is akin to baseball’s run-line betting in this aspect. Frequently, the team favored to win is a plus-money underdog when it comes to covering the puckline.

Over/Under Betting: Just as with other sports, you have the option to wager on the over or under of the total in hockey. The total is typically set at 5.5 goals in this sport, though you may occasionally encounter totals of 6 or 6.5. Overtime goals are included in the total. If the match proceeds to a shootout, the victorious team will have an additional goal included in their final tally. However, individual goals scored during the shootout do not contribute to the total.

Which is the most advantageous wager in hockey?

The optimal hockey bet depends on the specific game you’re wagering on. When two teams are evenly matched in talent, the odds typically reflect this balance. In such cases, betting on the moneyline offers a straightforward approach. Your objective is simply to support your chosen team to win, without concerning yourself with other factors.

On the other hand, when a strong team faces a weaker opponent, the odds may be less favorable. As a rule of thumb, it’s generally advised not to bet on hockey favorites with odds greater than -160. Hockey is a sport with considerable variability, where even weaker teams can defeat stronger ones regularly. Betting heavily on significant favorites can deplete your bankroll quickly. In such scenarios, betting on the puckline might be more advantageous. This bet offers better odds, but it requires your team not only to win but also to win by multiple goals.

Beginner’s Guide to NHL Betting

Hockey is similar to baseball and basketball in that the regular season is a grind. If you’re not paying close attention, you can miss small things that make a big impact on day-to-day results. Here are some tips to help you before you bet:

    Look at the schedules of numerous teams. Many hockey teams often have games on consecutive nights. Statistics indicate that teams’ performance generally declines in the second game of a back-to-back scenario compared to when they are completely rested. This trend extends to longer periods, such as playing three games within four nights. Teams finishing a lengthy road trip may be fatigued and eager to return home. The schedule also greatly affects when backup goalkeepers have their chance to play. The difference in ability between a team’s primary goalkeepers and their replacements can be quite noticeable. Realize that hockey is a sport marked by considerable daily changes. These variations will eventually equalize if you carefully study the key statistics. For instance, if a team’s shooting percentage is currently around 15%, it’s probable to drop and stabilize below 10%. Similarly, a save percentage over 95% will eventually fall to about 91-92%. If a team excels in possession metrics but isn’t yielding tangible results, it’s likely they’ll begin to see improved outcomes over time. Don’t shy away from betting against top teams and in favor of underdogs. Unlike football where the strongest teams usually win and weaker teams consistently lose, a typical hockey season sees even the least successful teams achieving around 30 wins a year. In the same way, even the most successful teams endure about 30 losses each year. Betting heavily on top-tier teams may yield a favorable win-loss ratio, but it won’t necessarily result in financial profit.

NHL Hockey Betting Rules

Hockey betting follows straightforward rules, but there are important considerations to keep in mind. During the 2021-22 season, be aware of potential game postponements and cancellations. If a game is not played on its scheduled day, sportsbooks will refund all wagers, grading them as no action.

Player prop bets remain valid if the player participates in the game. However, if a player misses a game, any prop bets placed on them will be refunded.

Overtime counts for all bets unless specified otherwise in the “Regulation Time Only” market. Moneyline bets are considered winners if the team wins in overtime. Goals scored during overtime contribute to both the game total and team totals.

Shootout goals do not count towards players’ individual stats. While individual shootout goals do not affect the total, the winner of the shootout is credited with a goal that counts towards the overall game total.

NHL Power Rankings

Here’s a list of NHL preseason power rankings based on their odds to win the Stanley Cup:

  1. Colorado Avalanche
  2. Tampa Bay Lightning
  3. Vegas Golden Knights
  4. Toronto Maple Leafs
  5. Boston Bruins
  6. Florida Panthers
  7. New York Islanders
  8. Carolina Hurricanes
  9. Pittsburgh Penguins
  10. New York Rangers
  11. Edmonton Oilers
  12. Minnesota Wild
  13. Washington Capitals
  14. Dallas Stars
  15. Philadelphia Flyers
  16. St. Louis Blues
  17. Winnipeg Jets
  18. Montreal Canadiens
  19. Calgary Flames
  20. Chicago Blackhawks
  21. Seattle Kraken
  22. Vancouver Canucks
  23. Los Angeles Kings
  24. New Jersey Devils
  25. San Jose Sharks
  26. Nashville Predators
  27. Ottawa Senators
  28. Anaheim Ducks
  29. Columbus Blue Jackets
  30. Detroit Red Wings
  31. Arizona Coyotes
  32. Buffalo Sabres

Check the current NHL Power Rankings on NHL.com.