Howdy Partner: FanDuel Makes A Deal With Colts On DFS, Setting Stage For More

The partnership between the Indianapolis Colts and FanDuel is currently focused on daily fantasy sports (DFS), with FanDuel becoming the Colts’ official DFS partner for the remainder of the NFL season. This agreement entails FanDuel receiving branding opportunities and increased visibility through Colts’ games and digital platforms like social media.

Unlike DraftKings’ recent multi-year partnership with the NFL, which spans several seasons, FanDuel’s deal with the Colts is limited to the current season. This shorter duration provides the Colts flexibility in potentially expanding or renegotiating their partnership terms in the future.

For FanDuel, this initial DFS partnership serves as a strategic entry point into potentially becoming the Colts’ official sportsbook provider. With FanDuel already operating retail sportsbooks in Indiana and potentially launching a mobile sportsbook soon, they are well-positioned to enhance their relationship with the Colts beyond DFS.

However, the door remains open for other sportsbooks like BetRivers and DraftKings, which already have established mobile sportsbooks in Indiana, to compete for the title of the Colts’ official sportsbook. This designation typically commands a higher value than being the official DFS partner, especially once the NFL names an official league-wide sportsbook partner.

Overall, while FanDuel’s current partnership with the Colts in DFS is significant, the potential for broader and more lucrative sponsorship deals in sports betting underscores the evolving landscape of partnerships between professional sports teams and gambling operators in the United States.

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