DraftKings Offers Virtual NFL DFS Because Pretend Football Is Better Than No Football

Despite several months remaining until the Indianapolis Colts play any games, you may soon be able to include your favorite Colts players in simulated NFL contests.

DraftKings has initiated a series of contests for daily fantasy games enthusiasts. These games, which are free to participate in, reward winners with DK Dollars. Despite this, they continue to offer a beneficial opportunity for DFS players.

How to participate in DraftKings’ simulated NFL contests

Just sign up or log in to DraftKings from your PC or mobile device. After that, you can use the prompts on the app or website to join the free game.

Every day that this contest is conducted, DraftKings will post a matchup between two actual NFL teams. All players who have participated in at least eight games for the respective teams during the 2019-20 NFL season will be included in the available player pool.

Complete your team in the same manner as any single-game NFL Captain Mode contest on DraftKings. You stand a chance to win a share of up to $10,000 in DK Dollars.

DK Dollars, for those who may not know, are considered as “currency” by DraftKings. They can be used as a substitute for an entry fee in any DraftKings DFS game.

DK Dollars cannot be converted into cash, but they are virtually equivalent to cash if they result in participating in a DFS contest for actual money later on. To win this game, understanding the contest’s mechanics is necessary.

How will DraftKings operate the simulated NFL games?

DraftKings will randomly choose players’ statistical performances from the previous season to simulate an NFL game. The stats used for this content may not necessarily be from a specific game that the two actual teams played against each other last season.

However, no player will end up with zero points as DraftKings omits such performances from the options. This ensures that every player on your roster will make a contribution.

For instance, selecting Marlon Mack as one of your RBs could yield his stats from either Week 1 or Week 15. In the 2019 season opener against the Chargers, he earned 25.4 fantasy points. However, in the second-to-last game of the season with the Colts, he managed just 1.9 points.

Some players might contend that this turns it more into a game of luck rather than skill, but a degree of skill is still present. The key lies in maintaining a balance in your selection of players who deliver consistent results each week, with players like Mack, who although could potentially yield high rewards, also carry substantial risk.

Moreover, you can experiment with some unique ideas to make your roster stand out from the crowd. These contests provide an opportunity to hone your strategy for the actual event without any financial risk.

Even though it’s currently March, DraftKings is already providing DFS players with an opportunity to prepare for September. Winning some DK Dollars along the way will only add to the enjoyment.

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