DraftKings And The Pacers Make Their New Sports Betting Partnership Official

Indiana NBA enthusiasts who noticed signs of a new marketing push from DraftKings can now have their speculation confirmed. The Pacers sports betting partnership, which was reported by Play Indiana last month, has now been officially verified.

The revelation by DraftKings, which included unveiling partnerships with two other NBA franchises, was part of a broader announcement by the company. The timing is beneficial due to the upcoming 2020 NBA All-Star events in nearby Chicago.

Details about the collaboration between the Pacers and DraftKings on sports betting.

Under this agreement, DraftKings is now the Pacers’ official partner for daily fantasy sports games and sportsbooks. As a result, Pacers fans will likely see DraftKings’ promotional materials and signs at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Representatives from both companies announced in a Thursday press release that DraftKings will sponsor fan activities such as fantasy camps and honorary team captain presentations.

Rick Fuson, President and COO of Pacers’ Sports and Entertainment, announced, “We are thrilled to welcome DraftKings as the latest addition to the Indiana Pacers’ corporate partnerships. Their significant presence in our arena, sponsorship of our well-liked post-game show led by Eddie White, and numerous other contributions will undeniably demonstrate to our fans the mutual benefits and value of this partnership. It’s indeed a win-win situation.”

Ezra Kucharz, DraftKings’ Chief Business Officer, expressed enthusiasm over the company’s ongoing partnerships with NBA teams, the Celtics, 76ers, and Pacers. “We’re delighted to announce the continuation of these alliances. Notably, NBA is the second most popular sport on DraftKings, and we’re eager to keep providing our fans with an authentic, exclusive sports betting experience,” he said. Kucharz emphasized that these collaborations underscore the shared approach and importance that both NBA teams and DraftKings place on engaging fans and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Kucharz proposed that DraftKings has set up similar arrangements with the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers. However, the agreement with Boston is somewhat distinct because sports betting is still not legal in Massachusetts, the home base of DraftKings.

Currently, the partnership between the Celtics and DFS is restricted to DFS games. Nonetheless, should there be alterations in Massachusetts law, it’s probable that both parties will reassess the agreement to broaden their cooperation.

This move is significant for DraftKings’ recognition and it further intensifies the situation in Indiana. Consequently, we can expect similar advancements in the state in the near future.

Now it’s your turn, Colts, FanDuel, and other sportsbook brands.

The Indianapolis Colts, a member of North America’s “Big Four” professional sports leagues, could potentially benefit from a similar arrangement. In the previous October, Indianapolis entered into an agreement with FanDuel, but it was solely for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).

The agreement, however, was solely for the 2019-20 NFL season. It’s still uncertain if FanDuel’s past affiliation with the team provides any advantage for a potential new partnership.

Should this scenario materialize, Colts fans might witness a more all-encompassing agreement before the commencement of the ensuing NFL season. This agreement could feasibly include sports betting and DFS.

A brand similar to PointsBet might potentially surpass FanDuel by adopting the “disruptor” role. PointsBet has already incorporated professional athletes, such as Allen Iverson, into its marketing strategies and has recently formed a partnership with the NBA.

No matter what the future holds for the Colts, the Pacers are now part of the DraftKings’ team. As a result, the brand’s profile will be raised among NBA fans in Indiana.

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