College Bowl Odds

College Bowls are the culmination of the college football season as teams try to punctuate their seasons with one final win before heading into the off-season. Normally, teams with at least six wins are bowl-eligible.

The Indiana Hoosiers, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Purdue Boilermakers, and Ball State Cardinals all call Indiana home and each have a shot to make Bowl appearances most years. See below for the latest live Bowl game odds direct from Indiana online sportsbooks

College Bowl game odds at Indiana online sportsbooks

How to bet on college bowl games in Indiana

There are not many restrictions on betting in the state of Indiana. The main two that apply for college football bowl games are:

  • No college prop bets
  • Live betting is only available during a natural stoppage (commercial, end of the quarter, halftime)

It's not ideal that these restrictions are in play, however, there are still plenty of ways to bet on the Bowls. Here's how to bet on college football bowl games in Indiana:

  • Register for an account at your selected sportsbook(s). Browse through our list of available offers and bonuses and select one that fits your needs. Select a username and password and provide any necessary information. Verify your identity if necessary.
  • Download the sportsbook app for your selected sportsbook using its links.
  • Claim any bonuses or offers that you've decided to use. Don't pass up on great chances to increase your bankroll.
  • Bet! You are now ready to place your bets. Make sure you select the correct game and side that you want to bet on. Also, make sure to confirm your bet went through. Sometimes you will need to verify your password for the bet to process.

When do college bowl betting lines come out?

College Football Bowl matchups get confirmed throughout the end of the regular season and as the Conference championships play out. After the NCAA Playoff Committee releases its final rankings, Bowl organizers, conferences, and teams then decide which teams go to which bowl and who their opponents will be.

Once the opponents and matchups are known, the betting lines are released shortly thereafter. Lines move quickly and swiftly for bowl games once information such as opt-outs, coaching changes, and injuries are known. Be sure to follow the odds feed above to keep up to date.

The most popular games are the New Year's Six Bowl Games. The following make up the New Year’s Six:

  • Sugar Bowl
  • Rose Bowl
  • Peach Bowl
  • Orange Bowl
  • Cotton Bowl
  • Fiesta Bowl

Two of these games are the College Football Playoff semi-final games. The semi-final games rotate throughout the six bowls every year. The other four non-playoff games feature highly anticipated matchups between highly ranked teams.

In addition to the New Year's Six Bowls, there are 37-43 other bowl games.

Types of college bowl bets

A college football bowl game has the same standard bets as every college football game. The three most common bets are:

  • Moneyline: Bet on which team you think will win the game. The odds are set based on the expected probability of each team winning. If you bet the favorite to win at -200, you must risk $200 to win a profit of $100. If you bet the underdog to win at +160, your bet of $100 will net you a profit of $160.
  • Spread: The spread is a handicap determined by the oddsmakers to make the teams equal. If you bet the favorite to cover the spread, they must win by at least the amount of points listed. If a team is a 6.5 point favorite, they must win the game by 7 or more. If you bet the underdog to cover the spread, they must either win the game or lose by less than the number of points listed. If a team is a 6.5 point underdog and you bet them, they must either win the game or lose by 6 points or less.
  • Total: The combined amount of points both teams will score in the game. Do you expect the game to go over or under the listed total? If you notice defensive injuries, you might want to bet on the over.

Prop bets are not allowed for college sports in Indiana.

Live betting on college football bowl games

Live betting is taking the sports betting industry by storm. Sometimes before a game, we just aren't sure which way a game is going to go. Which team will be able to establish the pace? With live betting, you can watch a few plays and then adjust your handicap based on what you've seen.

In Indiana, live-betting is only available at a natural stoppage. This means that lines will only be posted during commercial breaks, at the end of the quarter, or during halftime. It might not be as fast-moving as other states, but even with these limitations, there's plenty of options and opportunities to make money.

Live betting is a great way to get involved in college football bowl games. Keep in mind that for most of these games, it's simply an exhibition game. Outside of the playoff games, these teams aren't playing for a championship. Therefore, it's human nature that some teams might slack off and be underprepared. Other teams might have something to prove and are using the national stage to send a message. One team might want to play in this bowl game while the other team is embarrassed to be where they are. These factors become obvious early in bowl games, so react accordingly.

Live betting odds are similar to pre-game odds. The only difference is that they are adjusted based on what has already happened in the game. If the pre-game favorite is losing, they might now be smaller favorites than they were originally or they might have flipped to live-underdogs. You can bet live moneylines, spreads, and totals.

Live betting also offers you the opportunity to hedge your bets. If you bet on a team to cover as 10-point underdogs pregame and they are playing well and winning the game, the other team might now be a 10-point underdog. If you bet both sides as 10-point underdogs, that's a good position to be in. You can't lose both bets, and there’s a very good chance you can win both bets.

Stay in touch with the live odds through a bowl game to ensure you don't miss out on a money-making opportunity.

How to find college football odds on the sportsbooks

Finding college football bowl game odds is simple. Simply scroll to the college football section of your sportsbook. Common abbreviations include ‘CFB' and ‘NCAAF.'

On December 20, the NCAA and its teams as well as bowl sponsors will start to confirm scheduled bowl games and match-ups. Once the matchups are set and confirmed, the oddsmakers will post lines in the college football section of your app.

Remember, odds move quickly for bowl games based on things like coaching changes, injuries, and players electing to sit out to prepare for the NFL. The odds you see on December 20 may be much different than the odds posted on the day of the game.