WynnBET Hopes Partnership With The Reds Brings In The Green

WynnBET is an official sponsor of the Cincinnati Reds.

The sportsbook will be working with the team for the rest of the 2021 season. It’s all part of the company’s plan to market to sports fans in Indiana.

WynnBET wants Indiana customers

WynnBET just made its Indiana debut back in April, and now the sportsbook is hoping to attract new Hoosier gamblers.

Since Indiana doesn’t have an MLB team of its own, the Reds are the adopted favorite for many of the baseball fans in the state. WynnBET plans to ride that wave of popularity as it expands across Indiana.

Hoosiers wagered over $50 million on baseball throughout May. WynnBET is hoping to take a major piece of that action going forward.

WynnBET wants to become the go-to sportsbook for baseball betting in Indiana.

Partnering up with one of the state’s favorite teams might be a good first step towards accomplishing that goal. After all, going after Indiana customers is the whole point of this deal for WynnBET.

“The two companies will collaborate on marketing efforts throughout the current 2021 season to introduce WynnBET to Reds fans in Indiana as the mobile sportsbook continues its expansion effort in the state.”

Win MLB tickets from betting on the Reds

WynnBET is still a newcomer in Indiana’s market, but it has a long way to go before it will be a real player in the state.

The sportsbook racked up $485,000 worth of wagers last month. That was the second-lowest mark out of all 12 of Indiana’s online sportsbooks.

WynnBET is hoping that this Reds deal will generate some momentum. The sportsbook plans to use exclusive Reds promotions to make that happen.

“WynnBET will have access to official Reds marks and logos for use across its online products, as well as robust marketing assets to create co-branded promotional offers for sports betting enthusiasts that are available only through the WynnBET app for users in Indiana.”

WynnBET will have to work harder than some of its competitors to gain a significant market share.

Other companies like Barstool Sportsbook have been able to jump the line in terms of popularity thanks to brand recognition. WynnBET just doesn’t have that advantage on its side.

Special promotions for the Reds might be a good way to turn the heads of gamblers in Indiana.

However, WynnBET doesn’t plan on stopping there. The online betting app will also be offering a chance to win Reds tickets and team memorabilia from those exclusive promotions.

Those types of giveaways are a new strategy in Indiana’s market. Sportsbooks generally use deals to focus on improving the betting value rather than giving out physical merchandise.

Companies have to get creative to try and beat out the competition, and WynnBET’s giveaways are certainly one example of that.

Ohio legalizing sports betting

Indiana might be WynnBET’s focus for now, but the Reds deal also gives the company a foothold in Ohio.

Ohio doesn’t have legal sports betting yet, but the state is getting close to changing that.

Kentucky will be Indiana’s only neighbor on the outside looking in after Ohio joins the party.

WynnBET’s Reds deal will help the sportsbook with its eventual launch next door.

Once again, it all comes back to brand recognition. By getting sports fans in Ohio familiar with the WynnBET brand, the company may be able to attract more gamblers early on in the state’s market.

That’s a smart move for the sportsbook, but it’s ultimately up to Ohio lawmakers to get the process moving.

If things go ahead as planned, then sportsbooks could be taking bets in Ohio by April 2022. Until then, WynnBET will be spending most of its energy on expanding in Indiana.

Photo by AP / Aaron Doster
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